Homesteading BoRing

Homesteading is when a family can file for a claim to get 160 acres of free land. And was first introduced in 1860, after being vetoed in 1858

Homesteading primarily took place in the western part of the United States, and in Alaska too. Homesteading is when someone who heads a family is allowed to file a claim for 160 acres of land.

Homesteaders are people who are self sufficient, or are people who moved to the west to file for a land claim.

Because homesteading is usually done by farmers, some problems they have is flooding, no roads, no place to sell crops, and poor soil

People who plow the fields are known as sodbusters, sodbusters are also tools to plow soil

Exodusters are african Americans who migrated from the south to settle in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado

When people built a house in the land they claimed, they usually weren't the prettiest of houses, although some of the houses weren't bad.

Homesteading for adults was life being farmers, they usually tended to the crops, and went to the market to sell the crops, the kids usually tended to the animals, such as the chickens, and pigs.

Boomers are settlers from Oklahoma who came to boom towns to mine for gold, and such. Sooners are people who went to Oklahoma before it was a state to claim it, and these people started the land rush of 1889

The grange was a secret organization created in 1867 to advance the social needs and combat economic backwardness, wich is the theory that the economy grows.

The populist party was a party to represent the common folk, and not government officials, and the party's people were usually farmers against railroads, and other technological advances.

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