RAMS 2020 Graduation of master students

NTNU RAMS 2018-2020 master candidates and their Master's Theses:

  • Greatania Juardi - An Evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft System Operation Risk and Risk Assessment Methods
  • Hanieh Farahani - Smart Maintenance
  • Helene Olsen - Value Driven Maintenance
  • Helene Øygård Åsholt - Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Liquid Hydrogen Release and Dispersion
  • Jie Liu - Remaining Useful Life of Wind Turbine Bearings
  • Syed Ibtehaj - Digitalization and Smart Maintenace
  • Veronica Tverbakk - Evaluation of CMMS in Bane NOR
  • Yanzhu Yu - Smart Maintenance in Elkem
  • Jinghao Wang - Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twin

To the following professors, we would like to give sincere thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  • Anne Barros
  • Antoine Rauzy
  • Cecilia Haskins
  • Jørn Vatn
  • Mary Ann Lundteigen
  • Nicola Paltrinieri
  • Per Schjølberg
  • Yiliu Liu

To the following PhD candidates, teacher's assistants, and departmental employees, we appreciate your support with courses and projects.

  • Bahareh Tajiani
  • Jon Martin Fordal
  • Lin Xie
  • Mateusz Baran
  • Monica Høgsten
  • Nanda Anugrah Zikrullah
  • Renny Arismendi
  • Vincent August

The students are happy to share their personal experience with the RAMS study program. We look forward to working closely with RAMS after finishing our studies.

“It may sound a bit cheesy but I have found a passion for risk and safety through the RAMS courses I took at NTNU. I think this master's degree has helped me build a strong foundation in said topics, and I am very much looking forward to further developing my understanding of them (both theoretically and their application in several industrial and societal sectors) in the future.” -Greatania Juardi, RAMS-Consultant at Future Technology

“The distinctive element of the RAMS program is its interdisciplinary learning environment and provision of an excellent prospect to thrive in an exciting atmosphere through interaction with students and professionals from various disciplines. I have learnt that how we can provide meaning to the concepts within safety, reliability and risk management disciplines for optimizing complex industrial problems with the sole objective of safety and business sustainability. In terms of employment outlook, it is unlike any other master’s degree because it provides students with the opportunity to pursue a wide range of careers which is as cool as its acronym ‘RAMS’ sounds.” -Syed Ibtehaj, Functional Safety Engineer at Equinor

“What attracted me most to RAMS was the overlap between my work as an engineer and learning about failure patterns, risk management, systems engineering, and maintenance best practices. The connections I made between the theoretical & practical were exciting and propelled me to make changes from within my company to drastically improve.” - Veronica Tverbakk, Configuration Manager/Signalling Engineer at Bane NOR Marienborg

Thank you for believing in us and providing a source of inspiration for us to achieve great things.

Photo: Yanzhu Yu | Text: Veronica Tverbakk, Yanzhu Yu


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