Southern Christian Leadership Confrence By: Jayden Comer

SCLC was famous for helping the civil rights movement


The SCLC main goal was to help coordinate the majority of Southern protest groups to try to help bring civil rights to African- Americans.

Martin Luther King Jr. was the original Leader of SCLC and was credited with the success of the organization.


Martin Luther King Jr. was the original leader until he was assassinated. After his death 3 leaders took his place. Ralph Abernathy took over as the leader from 1968 until 1977, Joseph E. Lowery in 1997, and Martin Luther King 111 1997- 2004.

Martin Luther King Jr. lead many successful goals for SCLC. The most successful goal was the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


The SCLC had a ton of success under Martin Luther King Jr. leadership. He led many successful goals for the SCLC throughout his leadership. The Poor People's campaign was the only failed goal that was failed under his leadership. This was due to him being killed.

The SCLC feel apart after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.


The effect of Martin Luther King Jr. death was felt right away. This was due to the Poor People's Campaign falling apart and the other leaders didn't do that many accomplishments.

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