types of abuse and violence against women and men in the work place is there an difference between abuse and violence in the work place by lezlie hernandez 1/28/2017

  • abuse and violence in the work place are things like
  • verbal of written threats such as any
  • expression of an intent to inflict harm
  • harrasment any behavior demeans,embaresses a person and that would be know to be unwelcome
  • and such as words,gestures,intimations and bullying
many men and women are being verbally abused at the work place they are sweared at ,insulted ,or are reserving any type of condescending language while in the work place

The federal occupation Health and safety administration defines workplace violence as an act or threat of physical harm against another person

there may not be many ways to stop abuse and violence in the work place and there may not be any way to get rid of it

it will continue until all the men and women stop accepting the abuse and violence and start dening all these bad things that are happening to them in their working envirment

what would you do to stop bullying in the work place . would you stand up to who ever is abusing or being hurt in any way

women are abused and are experiencing violence in the work place each day and don't speak up for them self's because they may think that there abuser at the work place may continue and that they may do more harm
there are many types of violence in the work place that not a lot of people now about because they think that it is nothing because they are nonawear of what they are experiencing.
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