Chromosomal Abnormalities Gage Earnhardt

Down Syndrome: A condition that is also know as trisomy 21. This condition causes a distinctive facial appearance and a disability intellectually. People with this condition may also have a speech impediment as a child and a developmental delay. This condition is caused by a random genetic error and cannot be cured. Lastly this condition may lead to heart disease and thyroid.

Klinefelter Syndrome: A condition in which a male is born with an extra X chromosome. This isn't inherited but is instead a random error in genetics. Men with this syndrome will have low testosterone and will have more feminine qualities. This condition can also not be cured but there is treatment for it such as testosterone and fertility treatments.

Turner Syndrome: This condition is where a woman is missing one X chromosome. There is no real known cause for this condition besides maybe a random genetic error. This condition can cause delayed puberty and also intellectual disabilities. There is no cure to this condition but treatment can help.

Color Blindness: This is a condition which reduces your ability to distinguish colors. This is very common disease with about 7 types. These include Protanopia, Protanomaly, Deuteranopia, Deuteranomaly, Tritanopia, Tritanomaly, and Monochromacy. The three that end with anomaly usually reduce the amount of color you see while the ones that end with nopia cannot see certain colors at all. Monochromacy is where people only see black and white with the exception of no color. This condition can be hereditary but may also be a random error. This cannot be cured but there is treatment to help.

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