SeeCard: Asset Management What's Your Puzzle?

Let's look at a waterpoint

We want to introduce you to Efie. Efie is a woman entrepreneur and is in charge of the waterpoint you see above. She is responsible for ensuring the waterpoint is functioning and that it provides clean water. However, she often finds that she needs a mechanic to fix a broken pipe or requires chlorine to purify the water.

SeeCard is an excellent way to "track" the functionality of the waterpoint and the problems Efie faces.

A card for this waterpoint is created, and as new information is collected, new pieces of the puzzle are added -- pieces that anyone can retrieve in a variety of ways, no matter what day or what time.

So what sort of information is in a piece of the puzzle? And how can it be collected?

SeeTell - A Missed Call System

Every morning, Efie adds chlorine to the water. On Monday, she realises that she does not have enough chlorine and will need more. However, the organisation that typically supplies chlorine only comes once a month. Fortunately for Efie, she has a basic cellphone and is equipped with SeeSaw's SeeTell sheet.

This puzzle piece represents a 'missed call' Efie made on 22/03/2017 at 8:25am to signal that she needs more chlorine.

SeeTell is a system based on 'missed calls' -- a tool that can be used on any type of cellphone, is free for users, and is as simple and quick as dialling a few digits. Efie makes a 'missed call' to a pre-determined number that means she has run out of chlorine.

Ok great, but Efie still needs chlorine. What happens next?

Meet Ralph

Ralph is responsible for fixing problems and bringing equipment / chlorine to about 10 waterpoints in Ghana -- one of which is Efie's waterpoint.

After Efie made the 'missed call' signalling she ran out of chlorine, Ralph received an SMS. Ralph added Efie's waterpoint to his day's schedule and made sure he had enough chlorine before he left the office.

Once Ralph arrived at Efie's waterpoint, he pulled out his phone and opened the application, SeeView.

SeeView Android Application

Usually, Ralph records the date / time and activities of his visit using pen and paper. Similar to the troubles Efie faced, this is time-consuming and can be inaccurate. Instead, Ralph uses SeeView, an Android Application.

The application allows Ralph to take pictures of the waterpoint or evidence that Efie now received chlorine, and to enter in other information (text, numbers, date / time) that he wishes to record.

What more?

Ralph can pull up historical information on Efie's waterpoint -- that is the various "pieces" of her puzzle -- to see what has happened beforehand to give him greater insight on the history of the waterpoint.

But the app doesn't stop there

Let's not forget about YOU - management!

We realise that there are many "Efie's" managing waterpoints and many "Ralph's" out there that you are in charge of. SeeCard is here to help you.

So what does seecard do?

SeeCard can put all your "puzzles" in a map, helping you to spot patterns or anomalies.

Or, can place them in Airtable or Trello to assist in organising tasks or job cards.

Of course, you can also receive this information via SMS or email, or other methods and mechanisms that you already use.

For more information about SeeCard, email us at seecard@greenseesaw.com.


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