Gung Ho The Spirit of teamwork

The word Gung Ho means to do something with enthusiasm and vigor, working together towards a goal. Our team-building camp exactly shows this, that teamwork makes their dream work.

Based on the bestselling book the three teamwork entities came to life: The spirit of the squirrel, way of the beaver and gift of the goose, each focusing on an important part of working together. The practical side however held challenges in which a changeroom had to implement what they had learnt…

From raft building to mudslides, mazes and puzzles, each team had to complete their tasks in a way that promoted teamwork, group well being and shared focus. This was done to such an extent that each changeroom cooked together and had to create a culture to sustain their morale.

The essence of the camp is to enthuse changerooms to become a close knit family. This can become an enduring exercise but through facing and resolving conflicts and serving one another, students have moved from being groups who used to be strangers to be part of each other's hearts.

“The Spirit of the Squirrel: Practice worthwhile work. The Way of the Beaver: Be in control of achieving the goal. The Gift of the Goose: Cheer each other on”

I believe that the photos speak for themselves, each student has an eager mission for those around them. No longer is it about me but about us. Our band of brothers and sisters who face the same challenges we do enable us to get to a point where our love for each other exceeds the comfort I have for myself.

May you also come to that exact conclusion: Life is never about just you but about communion with others. In our unity we become strong. Together we can do more, and with each other we are unstoppable.

Created By
Gert Koekemoer


- Metamorpho -

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