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Student success has many variables. Too many, in fact, for us to help lead students through them all. Our role then is to guide students towards the most important skills related to accessing the information they need, advocating for themselves as students and meeting the academic expectations in their classes.

How explicit are we with students with regards to how they plan and prepare to access key class information?

For more than 20 years, the No. 1 academic intervention has been the Student Planner. Organization leads to accountability. Today, the tools available to help students are literally right at their fingertips.

How explicit are we with revealing to students the specific actions of self-advocates?

Students who Reflect, Recognize Struggle, Overcome Anxiety to ask for Help, and Think Positively are self-advocates. These students are able to move through obstacles that others can't.

How explicit are the experiences we create in giving students appropriate voice and choice?

Choice and voice are critical to developing engagement, creating access and fostering advocacy. When we couple these with our 5 areas of Academic focus:

Toolkit for Text

V is for Vocabulary

Teaching the Triangle

The Art of Argument

Made to Measure

...you have a powerful combination!

See you August 21!

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