Carving by: Al mariam

This is a word in Arabic. I chose this picture because I like this picture. i found this picture by looking up Arabic on google, and found this. I liked this picture of all the others, so I chose this, and that's also how I got the idea.

I chose this picture because it is my native language. I traced it to make it look nice. It was easy to draw, so I didn't have much trouble tracing. I wanted people to see that I spoke this language before, and that I liked this word. I traced my picture exactly how it looked, so nothing changed

Preparing this to carve was not hard, or easy. I had a lot of help setting this up to carve. We had to make this picture smaller, because it would have interfered with other parts of the sheet of plastic, so we did have to resize it, and move it.

This is my finished tile.

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