My favorite saint is St. Elizabeth Ann seton

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was born on august 28th 1774 and she died on January 4, 1821.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's feast day is January 4th. She is the patron saint of in-law problems, against the death of children, widows, death of parents, and opposition of Church authorities.
She married William Migee Seton at the age of 19. They had 5 children. After her husband died she lost two of her daughters and that is how she found God. Widowed and having the responsibility for caring for so many children, opened a school in Boston. She had a lot of trouble so friends and family tried to Guide her to the church, in 1805 she became a member of the Catholic Church.
She opened the first free catholic school in America. In 1809 she founded the sisters of charity, it was the Native American religious community for woman. She essablyalotnof schools until 1821, she became ill and died of tuberculosis at 46 years old.
She was beatified by Pope John XXIII on March 17th 1963. She became canonized by Pope Paul VI on September 14th 1975
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