Chemistry Summative Rail Car 8 By: Marissa Studer

C2NH7- Ethylamine. Has 2C1N and 7H. It is tetrahedral trigonal pyramidal. This molecule has 0 Pi bonds and 10 sigma bonds. This chemical is polar. Ethylamine has H-Bonding.

3D Molecule

This chemical is highly flammable, burns rapidly. Also can cause serious or permanent injury.

To clean up train car 8 that was holding said chemical is to wear full body suits, because this chemical is polar it will dissolve in water just pour water over entire infected area.

Ethylamine is a precursor to many herbicides including atrazine and simazine. It is found in rubber products as well. On the black market it can also be found as a popular hallucinogen and tranquilizer.


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