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Problem Statement: Our goal is to create a working Go Kart that can be powered by an 18Volt drill. We need to be able to turn, and complete various tests to see how the Kart functions. The handling, speed and endurance is tested. We have only $25 and one 4ft by 8ft sheet of plywood.


The early version of the drill powered go kart.
This showed a person on the final product of the go kart.
This showed how a very simple Go Kart could function
This showed up a simple turning, gas pedal and brake system.

Rough SketcheS

This rough sketch shows the outline of the Kart, in the rear there are two wheels, and in the front there is a single wheel for turning.
This sketch roughly shows how the drill will power the rear axel.
This sketch shows two pedals, and the single wheel that will be used for turning the Kart.
This sketch shows the rough steering system. It has the steering column attached to a bottom piece of wood that will attach to the axel.

Final Sketches

This shows the top view of our Go Kart.
This shows the side view of our Go Kart

OnShape 3D Model

This shows final assembly in Isometric mode


These are our two front tires.
This is our basic frame piece.
This is the large gear and chain that will attached to the drill

This concludes the Spark Page! Hope you enjoyed!

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