Islam Maddox Swanstrom

Origin: Muhammad was the founder of Islam which is based on Christianity. He began his teachings in Makkah. The religion began to spread through Asia including India to China and a portion of Africa.

Major Beliefs: The Quran is their holy book that contains the direct word of God. They call him Allah and believe that he created nature. He serves four functions, creation, sustenance, guidence, and judgement. Muslims worship their beliefs in shrines and mosques. The most holy place is the Kabba which is a shrine.

Various sects of the religion: The two main Islam groups are the Shia and the Shunni. They are almost identicle besides one thing. Shia believe the rulers should descend from Muhammad, Shunni believe the rulers need only be followers of Muhammad. Most Muslims are Shunni.

Key holidays/celebrations: Ramadan a month long celebration commemarating the time during which Muhammad received the Quaran from Allah. Muslims fast from dawn until sunset all month long, they believe it helps them focus spiritually.


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