Mr. Incredible Anna Catherine, James, Sarah & Hunter

We used the scene from the Incredibles where Mr. Incredible bench presses the train car. We found that a human the same size and weight as Mr. Incredible would not be able to exert the amount of force to lift an average train car.

The part of this video that we focused on was Mr. Incredible benching the train car.

This is our free body diagram for the train. The applied force is what Mr. Incredible is exerting on the car, and the weight is the mass of an average train car multiplied by gravity.
To solve the equations, we needed to calculate the acceleration when he starts to push the train up. The acceleration = 2.402 m/s

Additional information we needed to solve the formulas:

  1. Average Train Car mass= 30 tons -> 27215.5 kg
  2. Bob Parr "Mr. Incredible"= 350 lbs -> 158 kg
  3. The average a 350 lb man can bench = 482 lbs -> 218.632 kg
The force Mr. Incredible applied when lifting the train.
The force an average 350 lb man would apply when benching.

These numbers are obvious evidence that the force Mr. Incredible applies to the train car is physically impossible!!!

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