Gilbert Acevedo III | CEO & FOUNDER || Roseville, CA

I was put on this earth to inform, inspire and change the world. I desire to use my unique individualism, gifts, and passions as a vehicle to equip,encourage, and empower others to tap into their creativity - utilizing their capacity and capability to inspire others & bring awareness, and provide financial resources that give HELP, HOPE, HEALING, and HEALTH to those in need - changing the world. Modern Abolition is that vehicle. A Modern Abolitionist is an individual that uses all of who they are & all of what they are to bring change in the world - freeing the world of the enslavements of poverty, depression, hate, dreamlessness, visionlessness, hunger, disease, hurt, and any other injustices in our world today or to come."

Stacy Acevedo | Hair Stylist/ Mom || Roseville, CA

I'm in it for the ride and the potential of what may become of it. This isn't a's a lifestyle and the heartbeat of our home. The Four Strokes - MA all day!"

Jesse Mariut & Steve Gherebean | Photo & Video || CA

am·per·sand. noun \ˈam-pər-ˌsand\

In film credits for stories, screenplays, etc., & indicates a closer collaboration than ‘and.’ The ampersand is used to denote two writers collaborating on a specific script, rather than one writer rewriting another’s work. Jesse Mariut and Steve Gherebean came together to form Ampersand Cinema (&c) late in 2013

When we predicted that working together would bring vastly richer content and meaning for our customers. Three years later we’re happy to report that this experiment turned out to be correct. &c uniquely shares your love story with the world. We don’t just cookie cut the most special day of your life, we tell the unique story of you. Based in Northern California but we love to travel."

Sarah Cullen-Fong | Artisan & Fabricator || Bay Area, CA

I like to make things, if I see something or have an idea, I’ll fabricate it, it started out of necessity but as I learn it morphs into expression. I like to dabble in all things creative, and I think the world we live in, this mass creation, is so incredibly complex, but is acting on the same simple problems. Its vastly beautiful and messed up all at the same time; and I want to make things that make people think. We walk around in a daze sometimes and I want what I put into this world to wake people up to why we’re here, the bigger picture."

Mark Tuzman | Photographer || Sacramaento, CA

I like capturing those raw human emotions that often escape the naked eye. Hidden emotions that come out only in certain moments like when a musician reaches that part in a solo. I first experienced photography when I took a class in high school. Ever since then I fell in love: with the energy of a shot, the physical capture of movement, the beauty of color or the absence of it. Photography opened a new dimension for me. It changed me. Now I’m a guy who’s always open to new adventures, locations, ideas and concepts."

Jordan McQueen | Photo & Video || Rocklin, CA

I love to capture moments to inspire others. Photo and Video are my vehicle of choice. I am excited for the future, and I have only really just begun."

James Rogers | Mobilizer || Folsom, CA

I'm not content with ideas that are put on paper - only to be concepts abandoned to die as mere thoughts of yesterday. This epidemic hurts me. I believe that my life's purpose is to put people's visions and dreams into motion."
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Gilbert Acevedo III
Mark Tuzman

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