My Favorite Saint St. Sebastian Sebastian Llanes

Not much is known about his early life. He may have been French and educated in Milan. Later he joined the Roman Army to try to help other Christians. He quickly was promoted to be part of Emperor Diocletian's Praetorian Guard.

While on the guard and in the army, he converted many people to Christianity. He was eventually caught and Emperor Diocletian ordered him killed by having him tied to a tree and used as target practice for archers. He survived and was nursed back to health by a Christian woman.

He went back to surprise Diocletian and this time St. Sebastian was ordered to be beat to death by clubs, and this time he was killed, and his body thrown into the sewer. His body was recovered by a Christian woman and buried in the catacombs.

He is the patron saint of soldiers and athletes. His feast day is January 20. His birth date is unknown, but he was killed in the year 268.

St. Sebastian, please help me have the courage you did in your life. Amen

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