Fibonacci in Animals

Throughout history, the Fibonacci sequence has appeared almost everywhere. From classical art to the vastness of space, we can find examples of the mystical numbers. You don't have to look as far as space, though.

There are examples in animals, believe it or not. In species around the globe, from the deepest oceans and the tallest mountains. We see the same spiral in shells, horn, feathers, faces and more.

Even a mirror can show you a great example of the sequence.

But why? Why does this sequence appear so often? That's the question that's baffled scientists for decades. To be honest, there is no true answer, or at least not one that we can see with the technology that we currently have. It would be impossible to make up any answer, and even more impossible to prove it. So unfortunately there's no true answer to why, but maybe some day we'll know.

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