The Tragic Story of Henrietta Lacks by Aaron pierce

Henrietta's story by Rebecca Skloot

My presentation will be explaining the tragic, and captivating story of an amazing woman with cells that would (and have) changed the face of medical science forever. But these cells came at a cost. This is the tragic story of Love, death, and DNA. Henrietta was an amazing woman who has impacted this world in a major way, and we own her our lives.

On August 1, 1920 an African american woman was born in the small town of Baltimore, Maryland. In her adulthood she began to have excruciating pain in her cervix, which would later be discovered as the greatest discovery of human kind, but it came at a great cost. That cost was Henrietta's life. Soon after the doctors had took her cells the Chemo she was put on began to make her sick. Soon after on October 4, 1951 Henrietta died of cervical cancer. Even though she may not be alive today, but her story (and her cells) will live on. After her death the doctors took her cells, and continued to grow them.

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