The White Plague Evan goodson

Evangelos Goodson

Sugar, The White Plague, and Fighting Back

Today, America consumes more sugar than they realize, and big companies are trying to hook you into it, like a drug. Sugar has been called the “heroin” of children, and is the main reason why so many Americans today are obese, have diabetes and suggest that children who are obese should undergo insanely inappropriate surgeries such as bariatric surgery…. insane. Should we really be letting sugar take over our households and cause so many toxic issues in our lives, our families, and most importantly our own bodies? And should aggressive measures such as bariatric surgery and gastric bands really be allowed to be performed on children, or is there a simpler and better solution?

Sugar is Toxic:

In high doses, sugar is toxic. Not because of the calories it contains per gram, but rather for the effects the actual molecule has on the body. Just like alcohol, which affects the brain, and liver, sugar to children is just like alcohol to adults. (Dr. Robert Lustig) In recent studies of liberated pediatricians, and free-lance doctors and nutritionists, we see scientific proof of sugars harmful effects on our bodies. Overdosing the liver with fructose (a non-essential ingredient in our bodies, that we don’t naturally produce) can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Sugar causes a large dopamine response to the brain, and is highly addictive. So if sugar is so harmful, why are we still consuming it in high doses over long periods of time?

You can’t do a damn thing about it…because it’s addictive!

While America now has the knowledge that sugar is highly addictive and causing a massive epidemic of child obesity, fatty livers, and a generation that spends the majority of its time in front a screen, consuming sugar, nothing is being done on a large scale. Why? Because sugars effect on the body is stronger than any behavioral effort you put against it! Dr. Lustig on CrossFit’s main site says that “you can’t mobilize a government force to make significant change without education.” This is where CrossFit has had the biggest impact on society. Not only do we promote that you train, and teach you how to move correctly, but we teach you how to eat so that your bodies response to your food is natural and beneficial for your overall and everyday health.

“A bloodless revolution, but a revolution none the less.”

CrossFit has waged war on sugar since its founding in 2000 by Greg Glassman. Ever since then, articles have been published, rewritten, and re-published stating that sugar needs to be regulated in some way, we just aren’t sure, as a society, which way that should be yet. One way we as fitness and health enthusiasts see fit is to put a warning label on soda (proposed now for California only) much like we see a warning label on tobacco and alcohol.

Another incredibly important way that the CrossFit community has advocated for health and against sugar is by taking a stance on how to educate and exercise our population, and specifically our youth. Eating well and participating in metabolic conditioning everyday cures diseases related to sugar intake. Our youth should not be undergoing gastric bypass or bariatric surgery. They should be in the gym, exercising and eating proper foods at home.

Public Argument:

Instead of accepting society and big sugar company’s plans for our diet and pocketbooks, we need to be taking a stand for our bodies and for our health as a society and learning what it really means to take part in “diet and exercise.” Eliminating sugar from our diets is the first step, learning how to eat real quality foods is the second step, and exercise is the third. CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman, puts “nutrition” at the base of the pyramid for human performance and overall wellness. Without understand how sugar effects our bodies in negative ways, we can never take a stand for youth that are hardwired to be hooked on it.

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