1# WHAT IS THE LIFE CYCLE OF EACH SPECIES? HOW ARE THEY THE SAME AND HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT? 1# The life cycle of the red drum and the spotted trout are that they live up to 9 to 10 years the female fish live longer. There the same because of how they have spots on there backs but they are different because they are different in size male have a shorter life females have longer life spand.

2# WHAT OTHER COMMON NAMES ARE THE SPECIES KNOWN AS? 2# Other names for the spotted trout are speckled trout, spec, trout, and spotted weakfish. Other names for the red drum fish are red fish, rat red, bull red, and red

3# EXPLAIN THE DUAL LIFE THAT EACH SPECIES LIVES WHILE OCCUPYING TWO DIFFERENT HABITATS IN ITS LIFETIME? 3# Dual life is a given to members of this group for the double life that they lead.

4# WHAT DO EACH SPECIES FEED UPON? DOES IT CHANGE DURING THEIR LIFE CYCLE? 4# small crabs, shrimp, marine worms, large crabs, and sometimes small fish. it dose not change during there life cycle.

5# DESCRIBE THE SPAWNING RITUALS OF EACH SPECIES WHERE AND WHEN DOSE IT HAPPEN? 5# They spawn by the females laying eggs on strong underwater plants to lay them and it happens when females get pregnant by the male fish.

6# EXPLAIN THE CONDITIONS REQUIRED FOR SPAWNING? 6# the solubility of oxygen decreases as water temp increases.

7# HOW MANY TIMES DOES EACH SPECIES SPAWN EACH YEAR? 7# females produce 100,000 eggs but older females can produce 1 million eggs per year. why this happens is because of the female production of eggs.

8# ULTIMATELY,HOW ARE THESE TWO SPECIES SIMILAR AND DIFFERENT? 8# these two species are similar because they live in the same habitat they dont go more than 3 miles away from were they live. females also have around the same egg count. they eat the same kind of food .some differences are there details of the fishes body how long they are how wide they are and how many years they live AND how much they weigh.


Created with images by kthypryn - "A tank full of red fish (each one about 24 inches)"

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