American Civil War BY: Kristen s, Abby H, Leighanna m

"Stealing Freedom" relates to the civil war time period because through out the book its shows the hard ships that slaves went through. As well as it showing how people helped slaves escape to the north. It also tells us about the poor living conditions that the slaves were given. These were all part of the war. This might not be what happen on the battle line, but this is what happen on the home front in the south. -Kristen S.
This book relates to the American Civil War because it shows the everyday life of a Union solider. This solider may not be a man, but nobody knows, this meaning she is treated like everyone else. "Behind Rebel Lines" also shows us the hardships a slave went through. Not only did the main character, Emma, go uncover as a man, she also went undercover as a male slave. This showing us all of the hardships African American people went through at this time. -Leighanna M.
"Red Badge of Courage" relates to this time era because it tells a story in the perspective of a young solider. Giving us a up front look of what the battle field looked like. Sharing with us the struggles and fears of a regular Union solider. Also it tells us about the battle front and how scary it was for such a young man to be at, and experience. As well as having to get courage to help your fellow soldiers. -Abby H.
All three of our books relate to the American Civil War because each one gives its own perspective on the war. Whether its from the battle front, or home front. Each tells us the struggles of slaves, people and young soldiers. Giving us detailed experiences, and telling us the way life was. These all show us the many different perspectives and view of everyday people who were involved in the war.

~Fun facts~

  1. The Civil War began when Southern troops bombarded Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
  2. Many Civil War battlefields are threatened by development
  3. The North had more men and supplies than the South.
  4. Black Union soldiers refused their salaries for 18 months to protest being paid lower wages than white soldiers.
  5. Lincoln was shot at—and almost killed— nearly two years before he was assassinated.

~more fun facts~

  • Here is just the American Civil War video summarized in ten minutes. It is really helpful.

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