2019 AVATAR Shawnee high school art & literary publication

Banner artwork submitted by Abbigayle Gillen

Shawnee High School Art & Literary Magazine

Thank you to all that submitted their works to the AVATAR. The 2019 edition of AVATAR is the 3rd digitally produced publication and the 44th Edition of the long running student publication. Every year we are amazed at the talented students of Shawnee High School. Our purpose is not only to recognize our creative and talented students, but also to inspire all and create a deeper appreciation for the arts within our community. We hope our publication motivates you to keep dreaming, imagining, and creating!

Congratulations to the 2019 "Best Of" Awards

Best Written Work Award: Haley Mulcahy (Till Death do we Part)

Best Artwork Award: Garrett DeMoss (Eagle Sculpture)

Artwork by Sydney Sewell (left), Alotus Wei (top right), and Maddy Taylor (bottom right)


Winter here is like a man who’s lost his temper. He yells and screams and blows about then slams the door behind him. Only to burst back in as if to say “And another thing!”. Not until the arms of spring overtake the door does he leave and even then in the morning dew you can feel his cold breath linger, haunting until his bitter return.

By Belle Blake

Art by Abbigayle Gillen (left), Kalista Morgan (middle), and Kayana Cook (right)

Till Death do we Part

One death's tragedy.

Million's statistic.

Where we lie is all same,


From nothing we sprang

to nothing we return.

It's the circle of rife

by which man has concern.

The body is bound

by chains to be humble,

but to where does mind go

when the bell tolls rumble?

Grubs are man's equal,

if sorely not above,

they dissipate the flesh,

where riches aren't behove.

Worth's not determined

by crown upon the crown,

for stairs built on jewels

are readily broke down.

Asking for more breath

creates higher pother,

do not waste that sole wish

to beg for another.

And don’t think of death

as unwelcome decay,

instead embrace her yet

to soil where you shall lay.

The love that you sow

thriving in God’s Acre

is all that will matter

when you meet your maker.

Cling to wildflowers

which once were pious girl.

Enjoy life as it blooms,

for soon flowers will furl.

By Haley Mulcahy

Art by Kaleb Egri (left), Justin Altenbach (middle left), Allie Boone (middle right), and Maddie Davenport (right)

I look at the girl who lived in this body months ago

And I look at her eyes as they begged

To find love in a man's arms

Lost eyes

A pretender

A mask of a face

I was so lost begging to hear the words

"I choose you."

I didn't care who said them, a stranger or a friend

Often I looked for love in strangers

Because I couldn't find it in myself


By Samantha Robertson

Art by Garrett DeMoss (top left), Kacey Metzger (bottom left), Paige Maxwell (top right), and Dylan Ramsdail (bottom right)

My mind burns with anxiety

I wonder when you kiss my lips

If they taste like hers

When you touch my skin

If there's someone out there who you'd rather prefer

No I'm no where near your first

But when we touch

It still burns

By Samantha Robertson

Art by Abby Ambroza (left), Jessica Ganz (top left), Jacob Cowan (top right), and Lily Cleaves (bottom right)
Art by Kaleb Egri (left), Maddy Taylor (top right), Abbigayle Gillen (bottom right)
Art by Carter Jensen (left), Maddie Davenport (middle), and Brandon Eisele (right)

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