12 Years Later From then to now

Maria Suazo was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Stage III Lymphoma in March of 2005. This photo shows the radiation process Suazo when through while undergoing treatment.
Due to the cancer spreading quickly and also being non-surgical, Suazo was recommended to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment right away. This photo shows where the port was located to transfer chemo into her body.
Gaining a whooping 60 pounds during treatment, Suazo felt extremely uncomfortable with her new figure, but she knew this is what her body needed.
"When I first received the news that I had cancer, I was in shock and feared that I wasn't going to make it, but my children kept me going.”
Still 12 years later, Suazo needs to take certain supplements and victims that her body asks for.
"I knew my life was never going to be the same after cancer. What these disease taught me was to appreciate my body more."
Embracing herself in the mirror, Suazo loves who she has become.
"There were times I didn't know if my body could keep going. The chemo would make me so weak at times, that even the thought of moving was challenge."
Suazo's faith in God and love ones kept her going and fighting for her life.
A decade later, cancer-free, Maria Suazo was astonish by love ones with a surprise party in her honor.
"Thank God I had amazing people by my side. They kept me going and always made sure to bring a smile to my face."
Giving advice to others in her same or similar position, she says,” always dress yourself up, never allow the disease to overcome you.”
“Turning 51 years old and overcoming cancer has never felt better."
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