It's very interesting to learn about the different food and drinks in The United States. In my research, I can't found various information about this topic. I will tell you the most relevant information. First, I found a lot of information about "FAST FOOD" like the most typical. Second, I could see the influence of healthy food in the U.S. as well. Lately, the most popular drinks.

Fast food is very popular and typical in this country. The most recognized examples are hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and French fries. Also, sweet foods like pies and ice cream are very famous. However, there are some people who are interested in healthy eating.

JONATHAN Icher’s Fat Flags.

Healthy food in The United States now has a big impact on society. Many people know how bad eating habits have caused obesity. So, they want to avoid fatness by having a healthy weight. Also, they think about reducing risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer. Here, I want to show one sample of healthy food illustrated in this pyramid.

Food guide pyramid in the U.S.

Last, the most popular drinks in The United States. People in the U.S. drink a lot of beverages. The most important to mention are coffee, Coca-Cola an wine. It is important to mention about one of the most consumed drinks like coffee. It's consumed by millions of people every day. It's very traditional beverage. For example, you can find many coffee shops around the country. These stores have a lot of kinds of coffee to choose.

Coffee Brand
Coffee Brand

In my opinion, it's very interesting explore to know more about the typical and traditional food and drinks in The United States. I really enjoyed doing this project because I could learn a little more about this topic.


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