Catapults By Olivia abby and adien

We have designed a simple catapult to produce the farthest distance of a launched object.

Our Process

We evaluated our catapult and fixed its structure to be able to handle the stress of shooting. We taped our hights and our distance, then advraged them.

Reflection Questions... Pre Launch

1.) We lauched consistantly for the most part with a few outlier values. 2.) We make it more consistant by having the same person launching every time. 3.) We could have used a coard that could be drawn back futher. 4.) We needed to put our target at 19 feet and 7 inches to hit the target every time.

Reflection Post Launch

Our test launches were pretty close to being consitant. But our final launch was really bad first we got over 20 lalmost 30 feet, then we got to 15 feet, then in the end we got a 21 footer and we were tring to figure out what was wrong and our pull bar was on upside down.

Reflection questions:

1. When does your projectile hit the ground according the equation you found? So we took and multiplied it by a factor of 2 from 9.77 ft and got 19.54 ft. So the ball would hit the ground around 19.54 ft.

2. What is the maximum height of the ball? When did the maximum height occur? The maximum height is 4.28 over all which is just h.

3. What was the hieght of your projectile at 6 feet? The height was about 3.3 feet .

4. How could you make the maximum height higher and what effect would it have on the path of the projectile? Explain. You could move the stop bar back and that would cause your ball to go higher but would cause it to travel less distance.

The average distance for our ball was 19.53 feet and the average height was 4.28 feet. We started the ball at x.0ft and y.2ft the ball hit the ground.

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