Hit Me With Your Best Shot! term 1 dance analysis by steph

From the outstanding musical ‘The Rock OF Ages’ Mia Michaels an Emmy award-winning choreographer created the phenomenal dance ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’. The choreographic intent of this performance was to create an image of anger the stepford wives have against Stacee Jaxx and Rock ‘n’ Roll. The performance was thoroughly enjoyable to watch because the movement and non-movement components were tied together perfectly to make the performance and story clear to the audience

Patricia Whitmore and stepford wives

The movement elements in ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ were strong, powerful and were portrayed exceedingly well. The steps in the performance were symbolic, using handguns towards the photo of Stacce Jaxx when the lyrics ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ came on. This was used repeatedly. Also there were other movements that were representative of the Stepford wives portrayed during the dance like spanking on the bum, contraction of chest, kicks, hands on hips, turns, finger pointing, sliding on church rows and stomping on the ground. These steps were all towards the front where the photo of Stacee Jaxx was and also for the Rock n Roll people. Another movement factor that was interpreted in the scene was space that was executed to a high level. Space was used to create the image Mia Michaels has envisioned the Stepford wives have against Stacee Jaxx and Rock ‘n’ Roll. She did this by showing the different kind of emotions by using levels, dark and strong tones, and formations to emphasise the dance effectively. At the start of the dance the Stepford wives were at the back of the church hall with the main character Patricia Whitmore in the centre. They were in an evenly spaced clump. As the music started going into the chorus the pricy girls walked down and spread out onto the left and right side of Patricia Whitmore where the chair rows were split. For the rest of the dance they were down the front and facing towards the photo of Stacee Jaxx. By the girls doing these kinds of movements you can understand that if they are going on the church rows different levels and strong hit movements would be used. This is because they are demonstrating to the audience they hate Stacee Jaxx and he is a bad influence to their children and the community. Therefore Mia Michaels has choreographed the movement elements successfully to clearly show the audience what the story is about.

The non-movement components were definitely unique and fitted in. The light and set gave justice to the dance and made the performance even better. By making the lighting have yellow, purple, blue and light brown in the church it gave a chruchy and a strong women power vibe throughout the dance. Also in the smaller room where the male and female went had dark colours representing a tense and romantic place. Another non-movement element that got the whole performance into character was the set. This is one of the most important features because it shows where everything is set and based around. It was held in a church with church rows, candle abras, flowers, photo of Stacee Jaxx, podium and organ piano. These were used because it is the traditional church accessorises and is showing the Stepford wives have a different look on what life should be like instead of Stacee Jaxx trying to ruin the town. These non-movement elements have been combined together very well for ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’.

Overall the movement and non-movement elements have been used explicitly well to portray to the audience what Patricia Whitmore and her pricy girlfriends are trying to convey against the Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Stacee Jaxx. Mia Michaels had definitely choreographed the dance symbolically to the lyrics so the watches could understand the story behind the performance. Without a doubt the scene ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ from the Rock of Ages was enjoyable to watch. It was clear to analysis and understand the content of the dance.

Thank You For Watching ;)

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