Should smart drugs be allowed for college students?

I have chosen this topic because smart drugs are utilized quite oftenly, regardless of the law, I also chose this topic because i am prescribed and a daily user of smart drugs. I strongly am on the side that any student should be allowed a certain amount because I have realized how much smart drugs like adderall, vyvance, concerta, or ritalin can possitively benefit a student who is overwhelmed with school works.
There are many of arguments of why these medical drugs should be allowed. If anyone has taken an adderall the day before a a huge assignment or huge test they would question why smart drugs aren't provided for an student. Drugs like these simply make someone feel more alert, more focussed, and over all less hyper.
The opposing arguements vary from reasons like the side effects of taking these, or the possible hearth issues they may propose. Negative side effects consist of things like not eating, not able to go to sleep, or feel in an introverted state of mind. Another big opposing arguement is the fact that our society as a whole should not need to rely on any sort of drugs to be able to get work done.

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