Issues in education Heather smith

discipline and security

i think we can fix this by changing security rules in schools and improve them
  • violence in the schools
  • schools worried about serious violence
  • recent school shootings in small towns

learning issues

some students could be having trouble learning because they can be using technology. it's easy for others but some kids can learn better from one to one learning
  • technology has changed the way our society works and lives
  • most students don't use it for the right purpose
  • games/learning sites aren't always helpful

teacher payments

i think women should be payed equally because they work as hard as men do, and they need the money also.
  • some teacher salary talks ended up focusing on ways to adjust the system of payments
  • the idea of needing to equalize salaries for all gender of teachers
  • female teachers made less money than male teachers at schools

Rahul Shakya (blogger)

"Education is the foundation of the development. It helps to develops a person,a society and a nation."

I would say that Without education our life is incomplete. Education can enlighten someones life.

"It is the third eye of a man. The third eye can see the objects which the two eyes cannot see. It changes the dark into light." as Rahul says.

Education helps to carry out different developmental activities.

"Education is the essence of our life. To do any kind of work, education is the most. Education makes every thing so much easier and clear."

I think it helps us to choose the right path. Education is the most important part of our lives and everybody must have the right to education.

Shakya, Rahul. "Importance of Education." Importance of Education. N.p., 01 Jan. 1970. Web. 31 Mar. 2017.

  • My job is to be a blogger so that i can influence people. To try and help others with their questions or concerns. Giving information.

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