Fibonacci in Galaxies

In the universe, there is a type of galaxy called a spiral galaxy

Spiral galaxies are essentially galaxies that look like spirals and have little "arms".

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy

How does Fibonacci apply?

In spiral galaxies, the "arms" follow the golden spiral.

The golden spiral, is a spiral thats shape follows the fibonacci sequence, so it grows out in the spirals on the inside starting at one unit, then one again, then two, then three and five, etc..

This golden spiral can be found in the shape of the "arms" of galaxies if you look closely and do the math.

The spiral may not be perfect, but it is clearly evident.

It can not be told if it is a perfect spiral, because we can not measure a galaxy,but on paper we can measure it and see the size of that, possibly finding an answer.

Why is this so amazing?

Even though fibonacci is found in a lot in nature, galaxies are completely random, its just a group of stars and other space objects put together, but it some how shows up in an almost perfect shape.


Created with images by WikiImages - "messier 101 ngc 5457 galaxy" • äquinoktium - "Differential rotation in a spiral galaxy" • WikiImages - "galaxy barred spiral galaxy eridanus constellation"

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