WEEK TEN - GoConqr Digital Friday

What does it do?

GoConqr is described a social learning platform. This means it provides a space where you can create learning objects of your own and share them with others. Some of you may have come across a previous incarnation of GoConqr - it used to be called ExamTime.

You can create a variety of simple learning and revision tools, or you can use the resources created by other users to learn or revise a topic. There's a wealth of content on GoConqr for every topic you can imagine, though the revision tools created by the GoConqr community vary in quality and complexity.

How does it work?

GoConqr is available as a web-based tool or as a suite of apps for iOS and Android. The main GoConqr app provides the platform for browsing and using the content generated by the user community. To create content you use the specific revision tool creation apps - GoConqr Flashcards, GoConqr MindMaps, GoConqr Quizzes and GoConqr Slides. The process of creation for all the different learning tools is speedy, simple and slick, allowing use of images as well as textOnce created you can save and share resources with other GoConqr users.

When you first register for an account you can choose from a variety of subject areas that best describe your areas of interest. The list to choose from is mostly broad topics (if you're looking for specific narrow subjects to revise it's best to use the Search facility) but once you've started this process of personalisation, GoConqr begins to suggest learning communities or groups which you may find useful. This can be a bit hit-and-miss, but the more you use the resources the better GoConqr learns about you and your specialisms, and the suggestions get better and more aligned with your needs.

When would you use it?

This a perfect tool for Students in the lead-up to exams and other assessments at this time of year. The content which has been created and uploaded by the GoConqr community seems largely pitched at higher levels of study - some of its competitors are more aimed at Schools - so it's perfect for University students. Teaching Staff could also use it to generate revision materials. Of course, it needn't be just for University study - it would work very nicely for anyone undertaking their driving test, learning a language or just doing something requiring an element of revision or fact-cramming.

All in all, it looks like a great tool for supporting revision and consolidation of learning, offering a variety of different approaches to revising a topic. There are lots of other apps out there specialising in individual revision styles (e.g. Chegg or Cram for flashcards) and some others which offer a variety of learning approaches such as Quizlet  or StudyBlue, but we like this one!

Getting started

Here's a short video overview of GoConqr;

Here's a slightly longer and more in-depth tutorial with a bit more detail on functionality;

Where can I access it?

GoConqr offers a premium service option as well as a free version. With a premium account you have the ability to create private resources, go ad free, upload 1GB of media for £27.95 per year The free content is extensive, however (more so than many other revision sites) so it's unlikely you'd need a premium account. There's also a Campus option allowing the creation of a learning portal for groups of staff, students or employees, which works out at about £1.15 per group member per month.

Visit the website here to use the web version or find out more about it, or download the various apps from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to use on smartphones, tablets or other devices.

Thanks to Courtney Claunch in the Library & Learning Centre who kindly assisted with this week's Digital Friday.

What do you think of Digital Friday?

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