Ostrich By kImberly morales

Hi to day I'm going to tell you about ostrich in Fullerton.

In Fullerton they had race on the street to see which ostrich is the fastest.

First is that the ostrich feathers were very nice to have but they costs $80 to $100.

The ladies in those days like to have big ostrich feathers on their hats.

A ostrich egg could feed about six people with only one egg.

Edward atherton came to Fullerton area about 1886.he bought land for ostrich farm "way out in the country.

At one time there were about 200 of the big birds on the farm.

Ostrich eat oranges but they never chewed on them they swallowed it up just in one bit.

The little boys try to put there hands through the fence and try to seal a feathers and give it to there mothers.

In Fullerton the ostrich needed to be trained because they will always escape from the farm so they needed to teach them like houses.


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