Belle O'Dwyer "Subtitles are a pain mainly because the words used, accurate or not, never give justice to the pictures they struggle to describe."

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That's enough from me, Enjoy the Collections below!

Interesting Contrast Collection

The entirety of the Interesting Contrast Collection was shot on an iPhone 6 and edited with Adobe Lightroom software; the pictures themselves being taken aboard the amazing USS Midway Aircraft Carrier which resides on the water in San Diego, California. This particular location was very interactive, fun and friendly for all ages, with many tours to choose from and docents always available to make the experience that much more memorable! The museum does feature several levels the three main areas, those being the Flight Deck, the Hangar Deck and then the various areas in the Below Deck section. As the museum is a retired aircraft carrier with many levels, accessibility is definitely a priority for the museum, but as per their website, 60% of the Museum is wheelchair accessible with many elevators and ramps available. I Hope you get to visit, and provided below are the links to their website Homepage.

Be sure to click on these photos to see them better, as I tried for quite some time to get them to where I was pleased with them. Enjoy the contrast!

Air & Space Museum Gallery Selections

A bit more color but don't be tricked, they are still fairly high in contrast, as I am a fan of the aesthetic that this provides. Something to remember here is that Aircraft Museum Galleries tend to have odd natural lighting and interesting window placement, seeing as the gallery buildings need to be quite a bit larger for the aircraft they proudly display.

Special Thanks to both San Diego Air & Space Museum, and also to Pima Air & Space Museum for having such wonderful collections for everyone to see! These Museums are located in San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona respectively. They are both wonderful places to visit if you are able, and something to keep in mind for these two museums is that Pima has quite a few aircraft on outdoor display, and SD Air & Space is neighbored by Historical Balboa Park so be sure to bring water and plan accordingly if you go exploring for a while. If you are interested, here are specific links to their respective websites, feel free to explore and visit them!

Click on the individual photos to see more detail!

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