Mr.Wilson's job By:keaton chastain

Mr. Wilson wanted to teach at Paoli after he graduated from IU and there was a job opportunity open here as a PE teacher. he also always enjoyed sports and coaching so it turned out to be a great fit.

Mr. Wilson showing Emma the proper way to do the activity

His first two years of college he majored in Exercise Science and was planning to become a Physical Therapist. Late into his sophomore, he decided he wanted to be a Social Studies teacher. He changed his major to education with a focus on US History. He enjoyed majoring in exercise science and US history but he couldn't be happier teaching PE.

Mr. Wilson talking to his students.

To prepare for PE he had to consider the differences that he would confront compared to a typical classroom setting that he was used to. he thought a lot about student safety, how he would assess students, and what he wanted students to learn from class.

Teaching PE has turned out to be exactly what he wanted to do. he always wanted to teach, coach, and work with kids. he love to exercise and play games and try to get the most out of people, teaching PE gives me the opportunity to do all those things.

some of Mr. Wilson's gym class working out

he has thoroughly enjoyed my job. The students in his classes make it enjoyable. They make him laugh every day and have been a ton of fun to work with. He also loves the fact that he has the chance to improve student's physical and mental health. He feels blessed to be in the position that he´s in.

Mr. Wilson explaining what they are going to do that day.

The worst/hardest thing about his job is trying to devote equal time to each and every student in whatever area they need help with. His favorite thing to teach students is that they're capable of doing things they didn't think they could accomplish.

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