Pasture Valley Newsletter May - July 2018

Ephesians 5: 8-9 “… Walk as children of light- for the fruit of the light results in all goodness, righteousness, and truth. “

The Pasture Valley Fun Day

After much preparation, the morning broke for the fun day at Pasture Valley. As I looked out the window over the children’s home that morning, I saw a beautiful rainbow. God had sent it to remind us of His goodness and His promise to us. We invited 2 other children’s homes to attend the day and each child received their tickets on arrival. It allowed them to play games, eat pancakes, win prizes and just have fun! There were apples on a string, a catapult, ball games, face painting and much more. A wonderful day.

Preschool Teachers' Workshop

A workshop was held to support preschool teachers in our region. Teachers came from far away to be able to attend. The teachers were taught to make puppets and how to use puppets as a tool to interact with children, as well as being involved with children and new songs to teach the children. Twenty four preschools attended the workshop and it was wonderful to see the teachers interact

Trip to the USA

Siyabonga and I were privileged to get a scholarship to attend this year’s CAFO conference in Dallas, USA. The Christian Alliance for Orphans placed Siyabonga and I with hosts Lily and Rick Brewer who went out of their way to care for us. We met many wonderful people at the conference from all over the world and we enjoyed the fellowship and worship sessions. It was the first time Siyabonga had been on a plane and out of Africa and he enjoyed the experience very much. In Atlanta, we met with sponsors and Jared took Siyabonga on a rollercoaster ride and fun park. I was treated by Cindy to a visit to the beautiful Gibbs Gardens. Siyabonga visited with Mike and Gail in Columbus while I headed back home. The experience will have many memories for Siyabonga and I.

Career Guidance for the Children

Pasture Valley has been blessed with wonderful teams to help the children this month. Every Nation Church in Johannesburg sent an outreach team and they were able to assist with career guidance for the children. We also invited some children from Amitofo Care Centre to be part of the training as well and the children were grateful for this guidance for their future careers. The team also visited the Bambanani project and helped with painting and maintenance. It was wonderful to have them assist us in so many ways.

Outreaches to Schools and Homes

Duet Kruispunt Church in Potchestroom also sent a team to help at Pasture Valley for 2 weeks. Besides ministry work and lots of painting, the team was also able to visit schools, a homestead and the local health centre to do ministry work. We are so grateful for all they helped with- they were a huge blessing to us!

Feeding Children in Namibia

While visiting a farm in Namibia in June, I was taken to a preschool where the staff are doing a wonderful job in teaching the children in their community. Many of the children do not always have a full meal during the day and some surrounding areas away from the Orange River are very dry and barren making it hard to plant crops. The children are now getting some delicious meals prepared by the staff.


  • Gratitude for God’s provision- we have received so many supplies from teams and people in our community and are so grateful for all our generous sponsors
  • Gratitude for all the help received to paint and maintain the homes
  • Gratitude for safe travels to the USA
  • Pray for the children as they write their term exams
  • Pray for Siphelele as we find a doctor to help get a prosthesis for his foot
  • Pray for protection of our children
  • For Thakona as she goes on a Mozambique mission trip next week
  • For our staff at Pasture Valley and Ekuthuleni.
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