Florida Museum of Natural History By Emily Sabas

Nature on Display:

My favorite exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History was the butterfly rainforest. It was so much fun to walk through and see so many butterflies so close.

The design of the exhibit was very appealing because it gave the effect of actually being out in nature and experiencing the butterflies in their natural environment.

The Butterfly Rainforest was much larger and grander than I thought it would be. I saw many more butterflies than I expected. And many more varieties of butterflies than I expected.

I think if the exhibit were not set up in the same interactive medium, I may have not have received a good understanding of the environments that butterflies live in.

The museum was whimsical, light hearted, and kid friendly. I felt like I was back in elementary school on a field trip. The museum provides a positive environment to learn about natural history. The energy and excitement was very enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics:

I believe that the Museum did allow me to experiene nature with love, respect, and sense of community that Leopold recommends. I was very humbled by the amazing feats of nature and left the museum with a better perspective of where I stand in the world.

As I went through the museum I was very proud to be an inhabitant on our planet and humbled that I play apart in the biotic community. A lot of times, we humans try to separate ourself from the natural world, but the museum made me want to dive right into it and be a part of action.

Other people also seemed humbled by the exhibits and very much admired 'mother nature.' The museum allowed visitors to be immersed in the natural setting and it built a good representation of the biological community.

Did your experience in the museum instill in you an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines?

My experience at the museum did heightened my sense of ethical responsibility to the natural environment as Leopold imagined. I want to get more involved with helping the environment and preserving and protecting its inhabitants.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The Natural History museum did an excellent job at helping us disconnect from our hustle and bustle daily lifes and enter world that is calm and harmonized. The exhibitions, layout, and details of the museum help leave their stresses at the door and be able to concentrate on the exhibit. The exhibits are very well put together and keep the visitors interested.

The museum displays the beauty in nature and the amazing birth of life and different species harmonizing together. The museum showed the interdependent biological web and explained how we are all connected on this planet. The museum really helps a visitor better understand their place in the big world and the always overpowering natural environment.

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