My Favorite Saint Saint Teresa de los andes (Saint Juanita)

Saint Terese de los Andes, also known as Juanita, was born on July 13, 1900 and died twenty years later on Apiril 13, 1920. Juanita lived a normal live: played sports, went to school, and had friends. She came from a very dysfunctional, yet loving family, who tried hard just to make ends meet.

Juanita lived a very normal life, playing sports, going to school, and having friends. At the age of 14, she read an autobiography of Thérése of Lisieux that influenced her to create a deeper connection with God. From the on, she gave her whole life to God and vowed that He would be her only spouse.

At 19, Juanita joined the Discaled Carmelite nuns of Los Andes. There she took the religious name of Terese, just like her role model. She became a model for young people all around. Unfortunately, Therese de los Andes got typhus a few months of being there and died.

Saint Terese de los Andes is the patronage of young and forgotten people. She was one of the first saints of Chile.

Juanita was beatified on Apiril 3, 1987, in Chile, by Pope John Paul II, and Canonized March 21, 1993, in Rome, by Pope John Paul II. She fulfilled her life by making her religious profession as a Carmelite. Saint Teserse de los Andes was made a model for young women everyone. Her feast day is Apiril 12.

Interesting Facts of Saint Terese de los Andes:

Each year over 10,000 pilgrims travel to her shine to pray to her. Saint Terese de los Andes was the first beatified member of the Latin Amercia'a Teresian Carmel. She stated in her dairy that Jesus started calling her when she was six: "It was shortly after the 1906 earthquake that Jesus began to claim my heart for himself." (Diary n. 3, p. 26).

Prayer to Saint Terese de los Andes:

Dear Terese, Guide me to live a life of love and peace as you did. Let me find the love and know the love of God. Help me not to be one of the forgotten, but one of the found. Amen.



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