Cats!!! By madeline

Did you know that cats' tongues are like brushes? Cats may seem like boring, lazy creatures that shed too much, but actually, they are fun and lovable pets that love to play! If you raise them well, they could be your best friend forever! That's right, dogs are not the only option for a cuddly companion! Cats are often more exciting than you think, and now, I am going to show you why.

A playful cat in action.

Cats come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some people may think all cats look alike. For example, some people may think that all cats have pointy ears. That's not true. That's why I'm here to take you through the appearance of a cat. Cats can look different in many different ways. For instance, a Maine Coon is very fluffy and tall, While a munchkin is short and smooth. Some cats have up to 7 fingers on each paw! (For instance, my cat.) Most cats are fluffy, or at least have fur. Some cats have no fur at all! (But most cats have fur) The appearance of a cat can vary but their appearance doesn't change their mood. But, if you get a tortoiseshell or calico cat, it's likely to be a female. Cats' pelts (a pelt is a coat of fur) can differ. They can be common colors, like black of brown, or exotic colors, like red and blue. Cats' eye colors of often very bold (colors like icy blue, purple, amber, or yellow) or odd.

This is and odd eyed cat. Odd eyed means having 2 different eyes with 2 different colors.
This is what a calico cat looks like.
When I say blue, I mean a blueish shade of grey.
This is a red cat.

Cats' habits and mood can vary depending on how they were raised, where they live, and what other cats/humans they grow up with. If cats were born in the wild, their habits often involve hunting and fighting. However, if a cat is raised as a house cat, it's habits often include cuddling, playing and having perpetual sleeping. If you ever see a cat pee on a rug or chair, do not be alarmed. There is nothing wrong with your cat. This is a normal habit. It is usually caused by a tenant (animal or human) moving into your home. Your cat is just suspicious, and thinks the person is going to steal your cat's territory. Your cat is just marking it's territory by spraying its scent on everything. It will cut the habit shortly. If your cat is not eating, then consider changing her food flavor or type. If your cat still refuses to eat, consider seeing a vet. If you have another pet in the house, then be aware. Cats are hostile to new dogs, cats and sometimes lizards. Consider splitting your house into 2 sections. One for one of your cats (or your dog) and one for the other cat. If your lizard is too big to fit in a cage, let him have a section, too. If your cat suddenly brings a dead mouse to your feet, that means she loves you. Cats hunt and bring presents to their family. Put on some gloves, throw the mouse in the trash, and call pest control (you might catch diseases from the animal, and there might be more of that animal living in your household [don't bother calling pest control if its a bird]).

Not all cats and dogs are as nice to each other as the ones in this photograph.
A wild kitten in its natural habitat.
Some cats grow up in the wild naturally.

After watching this presentation, you may be considering getting a cat. That is good, but listen closely to these instructions. To feed a cat, feed her 3 times a day, and once before you go to bed. Also, leave a plentiful bowl of dry food out for her at all times. If your cat scratches furniture or curtains, there are a couple solutions: get your cat declawed, spray the thing she is scratching with some cat-repellent,(Make sure that the repellent is animal-friendly before spraying some random thing on your furniture.) or get your cat a scratching post. Cats always need these resources: food, water and toys. If your cat does not have a good amount of toys, she will be bored and maybe sneak out of the house and get lost. Some examples of toys include, balls, stuffed mice or other animals, feathery toys on strings, or kitty condos (little towers made out of scratching post material, they usually include caves or toys). Those are just a few examples. You can also use makeshift toys, like balls of yarn or pompoms. If your cat gets lost, go to the vet and/or the police office. If anyone found your cat, they will bring her to the vet. Keep going to the vet and/or police office within 3 days of your cat's disappearance. After that, consider hanging up lost cat signs. One last thing, if you decide to bring in a stray cat, spay or neuter it so it doesn't have kittens. Watch the video below for more information.

Cats like playing with feathery and fluffy toys.
Most house cats prefer staying indoors.
Cats can appear at the vet when they get lost.

Cats are lovable and cuddly creatures if they learn to love you. It's all about what the cat thinks about you. If you are planning to get a cat, good! But remember: treat your cat with respect; put yourself in their shoes.

Thanks for watching!


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