$imba P is an artist from Champaign, IL who is ready to share his music journey with the world. Sharing his music and life journey is his ultimate goal when connecting with his listeners. The Champaign grown artist discovered his love for music through writing poetry in grade school and now uses these same skills in his music today as a lyricist. When hearing his music, you will begin to understand the journey that he has been on as he pursues his love for music. With over 100K plays on SoundCloud $imba P has connected his story to his listeners effortlessly, giving them the rawest version of himself. $imba P draws his inspiration from other ground breaking artists such as Juice Wrld, Logic, and 070 Shake who tell stories about their lives, wearing their hearts on their sleeves while sharing their unique sounds. The adversity of being an artist and sustaining that passion with outside forces trying to hold you back is a struggle that $imba P knows all too well. His music is relatable to the listener that is trying to find their happiness in a noisy world of distractions. We will get to watch his growth as a "come up artist", and witness his dedication and grind for music.

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The $ Theory Release Party


Snippet of $imba P opening for Doja Cat @ The University of Illinois at Chamapign-Urbana

HoodFaded TV Interview

Make It Out


“Make It Out” is a continuation to the developing story of his truth as an artist and the pertinence of reflecting the times. This project is a display of his evolution as a creator and the experiences that have allowed him to grow within the 5 dimensions of wellness. “Make It Out” will be deemed applaudable by many because $imba P is an artist that is willing to share his journey to self discovery with his listeners in hopes that it will inspire others to do the same.



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