Florida museum of natural history IUF1000: what is the good life?

Exploring the FLMNH

Exploring the various exhibits of the Florida Natural History Museum proved to be both enjoyable and interesting. Learning about Florida's history was fun, due to the fact that I have only lived in the state for a couple of years. After visiting the museum, I have deepened my knowledge of the importance of displaying nature, the ethics of up-keeping the environment, and the connection between nature and the human spirit.

Entrance of Museum

Nature on Display

Local Environment Exhibit (photo taken by self)

After exploring the exhibits in FLMNH, I found the local estuary exhibit particularly appealing. With the noises and lighting, you felt like you were really in nature. Displaying nature is a great opportunity to learn about local wildlife without the possibly of "running into the wildlife" . I was able to learn about all the animals and plants that live in the area, which I found enjoyable due to the fact that I am new to Gainesville.

Nature and Ethics

The New Energy exhibit

As I went through the museum I felt the need to preserve our environment. The fact that humans can ruin something so beautiful and necessary to our world is saddening. The museum did allow me to "love, respect, and admire" nature like Leopold recommends. My experience at the museum did instill the ethical responsibility to preserve nature. After the visiting the new energy exhibit, they give visitors ideas on how to simply help the Earth, like using more efficient lightbulbs (as seen in the picture).

Nature and the Human Spirit

Entrance of fossils exhibit

The Natural History Museum helps visitors step out of their ordinary lives and step into the beauty that is nature. By using elements from the past, the museum helps to better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world. For example, the huge dinosaur fossils show what has been on this Earth, which is amazing. The same can be said with the other exhibits, just as the ocean ecosystem.


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