Angel Island Tiehre Thomas

1.The Island Had Hundreds Of Thousands Of Immigrants
2. The Island Was Used For Mostly Fishing
3. These Are Coft That The Immigrants Had Slept
3.The Space Was Very Small And Crowded
4. Since It Was On A Island They Had Very Small Selection For Jobs
5. The immigrants expressed their fears through messages an or carved into barrack wall
6. Immigrants were detained weeks,months,sometimes years
7. Only A Few Survived
8. This How They Communicate With Each Other
The Landscape was mostly grassy
They took their clothes off for medical examination
Traditional Clothing
Chinese Children
They treated them dirty
The women on the immigration ship
Apart of their chinese culture
Physical exams
What the women would wear
This what the children would wear
The families
Two immigration inspectors and a stenographer
They would cut their hair
Geographic Landscape
The Overview of the island
A fire destroyed the angel island adminstration
On a route to america
The people waiting
The immigration processing papers
This what they men would wear
The immigrants getting deported
Angel Island Barracks Viewed from the dock
They are waiting in line on the hospital
Ships from foreign ports could be fumigated
Chinese women walking at Angel Island
Two immigration officers in an Angel Island
U.S Public Health Service Doctors Circa
The dock , the arrival point front detainees
Leaving ship in harbor to go to Angel Island Immigration Station
Japanese women standing in a line on an immigration
The Overview of the dock
How the rooms look
Chinese Writing

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