Enjoy the stay 6 things to do when you're sidelined

Hail to full-time RVers on a journey. You've laid out a plan, perhaps detailed with route and reservations for the next 12 months or simplified to spend winters in the South and summers in the North. But, as the saying goes, "The best laid plans . . . "

What can go wrong? Let me count the ways: a motorhome repair waiting on a part; a recall on your toad; a broken dental bridge; a spinal disc protrusion requiring surgery and rehab; or any combination of these and more.

Here are six suggestions to enjoy your stay.

Eat local

Uwe's (pronounced Uvé) Bakery and Deli. Meet up with the early morning coffee klatch or enjoy your private party. My favorite: the Lachs and Brötchen, translated Lox and Bagel.

Read the local paper in the park

I recommend sitting under Founders Tree in Landa Park. This tree was just a sapling dating back to the 1700's in this major campsite at the Comal Springs. Rumor has it that the Central Texas Indians left messages to those who followed by weighing down horizontally the upper stems of such young trees to show the direction they had travelled. The resulting distortion is evident in this ancient tree.

Try something new

I found six yoga sites within an eight mile radius, the nearest - Red Dawg HOT Yoga. Sounds like a good way to stretch AND melt away some pounds, right? Lessons learned: it's not a test; if you can't assume a pose, learn by watching those who can. Second lesson learned: work on balance at home.

Stay active

Golf, pickleball, swim, stroll, float, kayak, . . . It doesn't matter. Just stay active.

Venture past your comfort zone

Is your date night an early dinner out, then a movie? Or the matinee, then an early dinner? Switch things up a bit and take in a movie at the drive in - a resurrected dinosaur. There may not be one at every stop but they are coming back. And they're a hit. Note: Go early. Traffic is heavy.

Plug in at the public library

A lot of good things happen at the library - quilters' gatherings, lecture series, tablet and smartphone classes, language and art classes, Pilates, writers' guilds and more. AND it's the best place to get connected digitally. No one offers unlimited data plans for those who live on the road and free wi-fi at RV stops is, at best, a challenge. I make regular visits to the library with my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone in tow, and would take my iMac if I could carry it. You can plug in to recharge the batteries and you can tap into their wi-fi to update apps and operating systems. Caution: it's never a good idea to process personal data, e.g. financial transactions, on a public server. Hint: charge your devices before you leave home so you can sit in an easy chair at the library instead of at the recharge bar with hard wooden seats.

Be creative. Make lemonade of the lemons.

In New Braunfels there's also Schlitterbahn (German for slippery road), world's best water park; floating the Comal River, shortest river in the USA and spring fed; events at Gruene Hall, oldest continually operating dance hall in Texas; Bracken Bat Cave, the summer home to the largest colony of bats in the world (20 million!); Natural Bridge Caverns for discovery, lantern and spelunking tours; and more.

The point here is to inspire you to use 'sidelined' time to get creative. You will amaze yourself.

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