Fears and phobias from maple middle school Rachel masinteR

Spiders, failure, and birds those are only some of the many fears people can have. I interviewed a variety of 8th grade students from Maple Middle school about there's fears and phobias. I noticed that two people out of Ten has a fear spiders. Like lily who is 14 and Allie who is 14 When people are afraid of spiders it's called Arachnophobia.

Many people have fears because the concept of the fear is scary. Nick who is 14 is scared of the dark, Sophia who is 24 is scared of death, Ronan who is 13 is scared of heights, and Ellie lim who is 13 is scared of getting kidnapped. The reason for all of those fears are because the concept is scary. lygophobia, Acrophobia, Eremophobia, and thanatophobia are the scientific names for having a fear of the dark, heights, being kidnapped, and death.

A lot of students have goals and likings that they don't want to loose and those are fears. Micheal R who is 14 is affraid of Ifunny shutting down because its his favorite thing to looks, dk who is 14 is afraid of hip hop being taken off of the radio because its his favorite thing to listen to, and lastly George who is 13 is afraid of failure because he has a lot of goals that he wants to meet. Technophobia, atychiphobia, and metathesiophobia are the scientific names for having a fear of technology, failure, and change.

I found one student that is afraid of birds because of what happened to him when he was in 1st grade. Dylan Buckner was attacked by geese when he was in first grade and that's what triggered him to be afraid of birds. Having a fear of birds is called Ornithophobia.

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