INNOVATIVE MEDIA nur batrisyia (0325400)

19 years young. Aspiring artist & activist. I strive for new experiences. This module shall be the start of my journey as a Broadcasting student and guide me to becoming the writer, illustrator, filmmaker, video editor and graphic designer that I aspire to be. Or, help me figure out an ambition that my indecisive self cannot seem to choose.


VIRAL CONTENT (Re-Submission)

INFOGRAPHIC (Re-Submission)

The World's Greatest Addiction - an Infographic explaining actual facts of drug abuse among drug consumers as well as shares prevalent statistics on drug usage worldwide. The layout - bright colors over a pitch-black background is chosen to catch the readers' attention.

MOBILE APP: Remember

Remember - The name of the app says it all. Remember helps you remember. Unlike other reminder apps, however, Remember simplifies the process of setting a reminder in three easy steps: setting a default reminder once a picture is taken, enabling location feature to detect the precise location to which a picture was last taken and collaborating with friends/family to remind important objects. With Remember, finding anything and anyone is easy - all with the cost of nothing!

page
Home page
Camera feature
Reminder feature
Details of reminder
Location of reminder feature
Gallery of past reminders
Collaborating feature

ASSIGNMENT 1: Stop Motion (Gunpla Play Tho)

ASSIGNMENT 2: Short Film (Death Pad)

The Capitalism presents Death Pad - a parody of an internationally recognized Japanese film Death Note, about a high school student acquiring the most powerful weapon on Earth - a notebook that is able to kill anyone simply by writing the victim's full name. The parody takes on a unique and amusing approach to the actual film.

Mindmap & Moodboard

ASSIGNMENT 3: Chat Stickers (Blair)

The concept of the chat stickers is a take on the complications of the female sex, following Blair. Blair is a unique character. She is dramatic, impatient, needy, flirty and sometimes a little crazy. Like every other girl, she is extremely expressive. The following chat stickers will present Blair in her common emotions - confused, sleepy, angry, happy and sad. Occasionally, she works, too.


Blair is confused as to why no one has approached her to compliment her on her outfit and makeup. She looks around, and decides that everyone else is jealous of her.


Blair has had a rough day - her boyfriend has not replied to any of her messages and her friends did not like her recent Instagram photo. She realizes she is better than them, and takes a nap on a float at the pool.


Blair is extremely hangry (angry + hungry). Her boyfriend was late for their date and did not pick up any of her calls. She slaps him in the face, and cries immediately after as the restaurant is closing.


Blair is in a good mood. She checks out her boyfriend, and bites her lip as a form of flirting.


Blair is extremely upset. Not only is she having a bad hair day, she also hates her makeup. She takes a photo, observes it, and cries.


Blair is a full-time brat. As she likes to say, "Why work when I have an employed boyfriend and a rich family?".
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Nur Batrisyia

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