A quiet spot A bit of a discOvery (that i'd like to share)

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud

Having spent a couple of days in bed earlier this week made me really keen to get outside. After teaching my U3A photography course on Wednesday I headed for the field beyond Beckside Gardens, just off Weetwood Avenue. I never got as far as the field but took some pictures in the street. I had missed the sunshine but I was still amazed at the riotous colour, the vast intricacy of everything growing... even now in the depths of our Winter.

Today I was still asleep at noon, still recovering from my illness, and still felt weary as I set out to do necessary chores and shopping. But I headed first out past Golden Acre Park along Arthington Road.

Arthington Road (towards East Breary Farm)

That's one of my pictures above. It is hard to beat the vistas opened up by Google Streetview (at the end of link via the button below. It is hard to get the Streetview an exact point: you may have to navigate along the road.)

Photos like the ones below make tall trees look really diddy. In fact they towered above me. In the last of the photos you can see some the many crows nests that formed part of a huge rookery. From time to time they were really noisy.

But this is the discovery I want to share:

A gap in the fence on Eccup Lane

I spotted this gap in the fence on Eccup Lane, drew up and took a closer look. Below is a photo of the sign affixed to the fence.

What a nice invitation!

This is a spot I think I will want to return to often. I would like to show it to some of the people I know. I think it would be a great spot to explore with a dog like Bear. The spot (and that invitation) have really fired my imagination. More of that when I speak to you face-to-face. Let me show you a few images from my short walk today.

Not sure what this bit of woodland will be like when overgrown in Summer, but I am looking forward to finding out. My last photo for today was taken just opposite that gap in the fence.

A gap in the wall

That's almost it for now. The button below should take you to the spot on Eccup Lane where I stopped. A bright blue car can be seen in the spot where I parked my little black one.

Postscript: look again at the photo with which I opened this message is the best I could do today of a 'portrait' of the Hollin Court yew tree. I was amazed by what I learned about the yew from a recent Radio Four programme about the yew. It is a very unusual and mysterious species. The earliest churches were built alongside yew trees, symbols of eternal life. Yew trees never die, their reproduction is still not understood and they produce a substance that forms part of a life-giving drug (Paclitaxel) used to treat breast, ovarian and other cancers. I feel really chuffed to discover that at Hollin Court we have our own.

So there is another project for 2017 -- studying photographically the world created by that yew. I know that a little wren scurries about among the leaves and creepers on the floor during Spring and Summer.

The yew. With my window in the background.

That really is all for now, folks.

Lloyd, Friday December 15, 2016

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