Pearl Harbor Attack Surprise military Strike by Japanese nAVY aIR SERVICE AGAINST u.s naval base at pearl harbor

on december 7, The united states was purposely attacked by the Japanese Naval service.The united states was at peace with the japanese at first. In the matter of one hour, Japanese were in the air bombing the United states island of oahu. It will be possible evidence such as a video showing that the attack was done on purpose.during the time that they were taking action on the attack, the japanese government passed to take out the united states by making up statements and false expressions of hope to maintain peace. Japan has attacked many other countries such as hong kong, guam, Philippines Islands, wake islands, and midway islands. jAPAN HAS BEEN ON A RAGE TO TAKE OUT THE PACIFIC AREA, WHICH CONCLUDES THAT THEY'RE ACTIONS ARE DONE ON SPITe.


Created with images by FDR Presidential Library & Museum - "81-50(29)"

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