The Harn Art Museum

Just looking at a picture of this lamp does not show the intricate detail put into making it. It doesn't show the way the different lights dance off each other in the reflection of the sun. The different lights all branch out from one common being, to me this represented so much more than a simple lamp. Being able to see it in person was beautiful.
This garden exhibit had the most calming effect. The slow moving water created background noise that comforted the ears. The sun shining down wrapped around you like a cozy blanket. Over all this was a place I wanted to sit down and read a book for hours.
The Gorilla Girls are my goal. They show the public the harsh truth with stunning facts and quotes. This part of the museum was empowering as it showed that we can change the world. We can get our voice out there and show the public we deserve equality. Woman's equality has always been a passion of mine, but seeing it up like this invoked a new kind of drive in me to do something about inequality everywhere.
Many people spend their whole life looking for love. Once you find true love you hold onto it. This skeleton statue shows how once you marry someone, you're with them until death do you part. This is part of the Good Life because often times our significant other can make us happier than anything we can do ourselves. This makes me want to find someone who matches me in a way that they will challenge me, love me, appreciate me, and help make me a better person.

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