3 major Religions By: Sean sczepanski & Tygar TeSelle


The star of David represents King Davids shield

They believe in only one and he created man in his own image. They Believe that all people are created equal and should be treated with respect and love. Al meat must be kosher, and they cant eat meat from animals with cloven hooves and fish that don't have scales. Jews worship at a synogage and there holy book is a torah. There symbols are the Star of David (shown above) and a menorah. Rabbi is the leader of a synogage. no work or reader of the torah should be done on the Sabbath.


Then Crescent and Star has been adopted as the Islamic symbol with no clear reason why

There are five pillars, there names are Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, and hajj. There holy book is the Qua-ran, And they worship is mosque. Muslims are not aloud to drink alcohol lend money, Gamble or eat pork. There only symbol is the Cresent and Star (shown above). There sacred texts are the Qua-ran, the hadith, and the sharia.


The Cross is a sign of Christianity displaying the sacrifice of Jesus Christ

Christians believe that there is one God that created all things in the world. Christianity has three main divisions which are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. God has three persons which make up the holy trinity of Christianity; The Father, the Son. and the Holy Spirit. All Christians follow the teachings of there main prophet Jesus Christ. Jesus was the son of a woman named Mary, and the Christians believe that she gave birth to Jesus through acts of god. Christians study the bible and worship at a church. Jesus was crucified on the cross by the Romans because they believed he was blaspheming that he was gods son.


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