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This assignment helped me determine my core values. In the end, my ultimate value was Independence. I want to be able to not have to depend on anyone for anything. It was hard throwing away wealth, because I have always wanted to be rich. However, other values, for an example; family, were far more important than having money.

Short Term Goal: Make the Dean's List!

Using some of my top values as motivation, it is possible for me to make the Dean's List! Being independent, I realize that I am responsible for my own grades and I will use the resources I need to be successful. I also will use my family as motivation because I know that making the Dean's List will make them proud. Lastly, I feel that this is one step closer to making me wealthy!

Making good grades in college > graduating from college > good paying job = $$$

Trash Your Values

All Values in the Beginning
Top 5 Values Left

During this activity, we threw away multiple values to figure out our most important value. This activity was very difficult because every value was truly significant to me. However in the end, my most important value was "Intelligence". If I do not have those same material items, important people, memories, and goals, I will still be able to go pretty far with intelligence.

Long Term Goal: Graduate from Clemson University

I want to graduate from Clemson University because I want to make my grandmother proud and be successful. I want to do everything thing that I can for her because she was always there in the lowest and highest points in my life.


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