Around the Cycle I Go By: Anna Heitz

Bob had wanted to travel to the clouds FOREVER! He had heard such good things about them. The princess of the clouds was beautiful and the clouds were as soft as cotton candy. Some water drops even say that the clouds are cotton candy. But then one day his dream was becoming a real situation.

He started to evaporate. He couldn't believe it he was floating in the air. The sun energy was causing them to go to the clouds. Bob felt the joy rush though his tiny droplet body as he evaporated into the clouds. He was finally going to the cotton candy clouds.

What the other water droplets said was true. There was a cotton candy princess and you could eat the clouds. Bob was having a great time until the clouds below him started to raise and Bob started to fall.

Bob was precipitating. The clouds couldn't hold anymore water. Everyone was falling. He was terrified. Bob was headed for the dirt, not the ocean. The smile on Bobs face started to turned into a worried look. What was he going to do?

He was in the dirt, and there was no turning back. Bob was stuck. He infiltrated into the ground and he couldn't move. They were absorbing into the ground, into the Groundwater Flow. The one thing that was nice about being there was that he had his two bestfriends with him.

"What are we gonna do Bob!?" Drew asked him.

"I don't know, what should we do?" Bob exclaimed.

"We just wait until we evaporate again I guess," suggested Droopy.

"That's really all we can do I mean we can't really do anything!" Drew shouted.

"Yeah I am really sorry guys!" Bob exclaimed sadly.

After sitting in the ground for ages after ages Bob felt as if he was moving, flowing through the ground. The Groundwater Flow was taking him to the lake. After all they been through getting sucked into the ground, falling from the sky, this was a nice way to relax and enjoy the ride of the Groundwater Flow.

Bob was glad that he was in water again but it still wasn't home.

"At least there's more water droplets here we can talk to," Drew and Droopy said in unison.

"I guess it's better then the soil surface and groundwater," Bob told himself and his friends.

"Yeah it sure is but I have a feeling we are gonna be here a while," Drew commented.

"What do you mean?" Droopy asked.

"I mean that we can't evaporate if it's starting to get dark and not everybody evaporates only some water drops do," Drew told Droopy.

"Wait so your saying we could be here for years?" Bob questioned

"Technically unless we get lucky, but we have to stay together so we evaporate together ok."

"Ok," Bob said as fast as a turtle.

Bob just wasn't himself.

"Okay," Droopy told Drew in a normal tone.

But again they were there for years just like Drew had told them. Turns out they hadn't gotten lucky, but right now is their lucky moment because again, they started to raise but even faster.

The evaporation system was moving them so fast that it took their beards right off. Being sucked into the air once again by the sun giving energy to the system.

"Off to the cotton candy clouds!" Droopy states.

"Yay!" They said altogether.

It wasn't as cool as last time since Bob, Drew, and Droopy had already been there once but it was still amazing. They didn't want to wait any longer so they asked the queen kindly if she could let all the water drops fall from the clouds and back to their homes. Luckily she agreed to do so and the queen also sprinkled some dust on them to make sure that we made it to the ocean after she had heard about our rough journey. The process of falling was happening again.

They were precipitating again. Happiness rushed through the three little water droplet boys. Excited to get back into the ocean.

They accumulated back into the ocean. Bob, Drew, and Droppy were so happy to be back home but also to have gone on that journey hoping to have it happen again.

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