Polynomials Flipped Lesson for Algebra I

Welcome welcome students! Hopefully you are at home in a good environment ready to learn about adding and subtracting polynomials!

If you are curious as to why this is important, here is the objective: After opening and watching the videos from the given Adobe Spark presentation, students will be able to perform algebraic operations on basic polynomials through adding, subtracting with 6/8 proficiency.

Please remember that tomorrow we will be going over this in class so come ready to strengthen your knowledge, bring forth questions and complete a quiz.

You may be asking, what is a polynomial? Follow the link below for a formal definition.

This at-home lesson should take you 15-20 minutes and additional time may be needed if you need to re-watch the videos.

PAUSE: do you have your handout from in class today? You should, but if not, the handout is here for you to download and print out as you will need to work through the problems from the video.

Let's get started

Watch this video and complete the questions on the handout. Feel free to write on the handout and take notes.

Now, move forward to the subtracting video. Again, feel free to write and take notes as you work through the video and problems on worksheet.

Congratulations, you have made it through the videos. Please ensure you took good notes, completed both videos and answered the worksheet problems.

Come to class tomorrow ready for a quiz, lesson and evaluation. If you have any questions write them down and bring the questions to class tomorrow for discussion.


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